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Publication OR-40-FY, Oregon Income Tax, Full-year resident (includes instructions, Form OR-40, Form OR-40-V, Schedule OR-ASC, Schedule OR-ADD-DEP, Schedule OR-529, Schedule OR-DONATE) (fillable forms available under each separate form) Form 40 instructions, Oregon income tax, full-year, resident, tax instructions, PIT

Oregon State Income Tax Return forms for Tax Year 2018 (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2018) can be e-Filed in conjunction with an IRS Income Tax Return until October 15, 2019. In January 2020, you can e-file tax year 2019. makes it easy for you to e-file your IRS and Oregon State Tax Return (e.g resident, nonresident, or part-year resident returns).

Oregon has a state income tax that ranges between 5.00% and 9.90%. For your convenience, provides printable copies of 51 current personal income tax forms from the Oregon Department of Revenue.

understated net tax. Special Oregon medical subtraction. For tax year 2015, you or your spouse must be age 63 or older on Decem-ber 31, 2015 to qualify for the subtraction. See page 15 for more details. Charitable donation add-back. Charitable donations to organizations that fail to spend at least 30 percent of

If a state income tax certificate has not been processed or if a valid state exemption code is not present, the Federal exemption code will be used in the computation of state tax or if an invalid marital status (other than S, M, or H) is present with the number of state exemptions, the highest Oregon withholding rate (Single) with the number.

Oregon form 40 2018. oregon individual Resident Income Tax Return (Long) If you are a resident and your gross income in the previous year was higher than the amount in the table in the Oregon Income Tax Full-Year Resident Instructions, you will need to file an Oregon state income tax return using Form 40, the long version of Oregon Individual Resident Income Tax Return.

Use the correct form type to amend. The Oregon Amended Schedule and these instructions. – Include the Oregon Amended Schedule with your amended (corrected) return. A copy of the Oregon tax return that you originally filed for the year being amended. A copy of any previous amended returns you filed for the year being amended.

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