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A federal appeals court has asked the oregon supreme court to rule on whether the state must approve any settlement of punitive damages awarded by a jury. Under current law, Oregon gets 60 percent of.

But attorneys for the state of Oregon and Mayola Williams argued the state was simply trying to collect on the 60 percent due to it under the state’s punitive-damages law. The type of case it was –.

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PUNITIVE DAMAGES FOR WRONGFUL DISCHARGE OF AT WILL EMPLOYEES JANE P. MALLOR* Once a rarely invoked means of condemning outrageous conduct, the doctrine of punitive damages’ has become one of the primary tools courts use to enlarge the accountability of those who hold power over the welfare of the community. Because of the marked

foreclosure portland oregon gibs rv coos bay oregon Tickets for the trailer are $10 each and the drawing will take place on August 10 at Gibs RV in Coos Bay. Tickets can be purchased at Gibs, oregon pacific bank and during the Coos Bay Wine Walk in.HILLSBORO – The Portland Pilots baseball team is halfway home to an Oregon state championship. After taking down the oregon ducks earlier this month, the Pilots improved to 2-0 against Pac-12 teams.

The judgment granted 23-year-old Floro $200,000 in punitive damages and $150,000 in non-economic damages. Litzinger remains an Oregon corrections officer. Floro’s lawyer John Burgess says Floro was.

 · Punitive Damages: These are damages meant to economically punish the perpetrator of the assault and battery for their behavior. It does not matter that the perpetrator of the assault and battery may have already been criminally punished. Unlike other noneconomic damages, there is no cap on punitive damages.

 · Oregon Supreme Court tosses single-digit ratio for punitive damages in employment case By Lori Bauman, Ater Wynne, Oregon Law Firm, On Thursday, a divided Oregon supreme court affirmed a jury award of punitive damages of $175,000 in a case in which compensatory damages were only $6,000.

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However, the Oregon Supreme Court has ruled that media defendants may not be held liable for any emotional distress, bodily harm, humiliation, or mental anguish that results from the publication of a defamatory statement. Wheeler v. Green, 286 Or 99, 124, 593 P2d 777 (1979). finally, punitive damages are not allowed in actions for defamation.

 · However, punitive damages or awards are generally taxable if they are paid to compensate a taxpayer for non-personal injuries. Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 104 is the area of law that defines the taxable treatment of compensation for injuries or sickness.