An auto glass installer is also known as an automotive glass technician, a windshield repair technician, or an auto glazier. He or she replaces broken or damaged front and back windshields and/or side windows in automobiles, trucks, hatchbacks, an RV, or any vehicle.  

Having a chipped or cracked windshield can not only obstruct the driver’s vision and present a driving hazard, but, in some areas, it could cost a driver a fix-it ticket. Additionally, a cracked or chipped windshield can weaken a vehicle. If a vehicle gets into a crash or has a roll-over, the people in the car have a greater chance of getting injured with the structure being compromised by the windshield damage.

You can’t let a crack or chip go unrepaired because it will also spread further through the glass, and the entire windshield would require a full replacement. The cost to repair a windshield, if the chip or crack does not exceed the size of a deck of cards and its location, is normally more affordable than a full replacement, but you don’t have to worry about the cost if your insurance provides for paying that bill if you have full coverage on windshields. The installer will even handle filing the proper insurance paperwork for you.  

They will come to you

You have seen on television commercials that some companies will even come out to your vehicle to fix or replace that glass, and that is a real convenience. The service person will perform a full and in-person inspection to ensure the proper solution. Then the technician will either repair or carefully remove the damaged car window and install a new one pursuant to the highest industry standards and will maintain the structural integrity and clarity of your original glass.

Does it Take One or Two Technicians?

Repairs can usually be made by one technician in under an hour, and most windshield replacements can be done by just one technician. However, especially in larger vehicles, a second technician could be required to help hold, guide, and set the glass because of the extra weight, size, bulkiness, and the need for accuracy in seating the glass properly. 

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Should you also add window tinting?

If the company also does that, you can consider adding window film that will save you and your vehicle from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Then you and the car interior won’t burn, won’t fade, heat and glare will be reduced, and your vehicle won’t turn into a sauna when it is parked in the hot sun.  

How does a person become an auto glass installer?

There are training programs available that usually require a high school diploma or the equivalent. Those programs can often be completed in as few as six months. In addition to a diploma or certificate, the student gains the ability and confidence to replace auto glass safely with hands-on practice in the intricate windshield replacement that includes utilizing the industry’s best sealants and equipment. Advanced skills are acquired through on-the-job training by one’s subsequent employer.