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Airstream Campers

The Airstream campers of today are just as unique as the ever popular Airstream campers of yesterday! The little silver bullets flowing down our freeways and back roads roll into camping sites all over America to still catch the eyes of the people along the way. The Airstream campers may have been invented in America, but they have reached traveling campers all over the world.

The inventor of the Airstream was a young man from a little town called Baker, Oregon in the Pacific Northwest corner of America. As a young boy, Wally Byam would travel often with his Grandfather who led a mule train.

During these many mule train escapades, outdoor living and travels became a way of life for Wally and he took in all he could on these adventures. Wally went on to graduate with a law degree in 1923, but never practiced law. Instead he began working in a handful of other professions, along with publishing. Due to a wrongly written article on a camping trailer model, done by a writer under him, Wally corrected the article mistakes and started to build his own camper model plans.

With better articulations done on the trailer model plans by Wally over a period of time, it was not long until the Airstream campers were invented in 1934 and named Airstream for the reason of moving down the road like a stream of air.

In 1936, the Airstream Trailer Company came out with the Clipper Airstream Travel Trailer that really began the Airstream's familiar looks and original camping travel trailer comfort's. The Clipper was the original one of the riveted aluminum body and could sleep four, because of a tubular steel-framed dinette that could convert into a bed. There was advanced insulation and ventilation system, a type of air conditioning using dry ice, electricity throughout and its own built in water supply.

In 1979, the ever popular Airstream camper manufacturer expanded into the motor home industry, very similar to the original Airstream Camper, there was still the riveted aluminum construction, but with improved aerodynamics. In 1989, there was the introduction of laminated fiberglass construction, patent front and rear end caps. Today, original Airstream campers still roll down the roads along side the newer versions of the best selling Airstream motor homes still being created on the current market demand.

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